Licensees and investors

Details of the main Operators involved in the shale gas industry in UK can be found below. For planning applications and decisions click on the 'Planning Portal" link above.

1. Cuadrilla Resources Ltd (

General: Cuadrilla sites and operations in Lancashire and West Sussex

Specific: Cuadrilla in Lancashire

Elswick : Weeton : Singleton : Banks : Kirkham : Wharles : Lingfield : Westby : Clifton

Specific: Cuadrilla in West Sussex


Specific: Cuadrilla in Kent


Holding company annual reports and accounts 2012

Cuadrilla news

Partners: Centrica Plc holds a 25% interest in Cuadrilla's PEDL 165 licence

2. IGas Energy Plc (, and Trapoil

About IGas

History of the Barton site

About the potential at the Barton site

Annual Report 2012/2013

Recent protests

In December 2013 North Sea Oil firm Trapoil obtained more than 4mln shares in IGas Energy.  For more information see here

3. Coastal Oil and Gas (operating in Glamorgan, Wales)

Coastal Oil and Gas is a private limited company with no website. On the 4th of October 2013 three applications for test drilling were approved by the local planning authority for Glamorgan (click here for more details .  Also active in Kent (see Planning Portal link).

Full corporation details can be found here

Coastal Oil and Gas hold a 50% interest in a number of PEDLs with Adamo Energy (UK) Ltd.  On 18 June 2013 Shale Energy PLC and Eden Energy signed a contract for Shale Energy to acquire Adamo Energy.  For further details including of the blocks in question, click here and here

4. Dart Energy (Europe) Ltd

For details about Dart Energy and its  licenced areas see

Partners: French company, GDF Suez is finalising a deal to take a 25% interest in 13 of Dart Energy's onshore licences. See

5. Celtique Energie

Celtique Energie companies hold interests in 10 PEDLs in UK, namely in one in Cheshire, 5 in the East Midlands and 4 in Southern England.   For full details click here  

The extent to which hydraulic fracturing will be utilitsed in exploration activities at these sites is at present unclear, although this has been recorded in the media on 17 December 2013 - see News section for more details.

6. Egdon Resources U.K. Ltd (including Total)

With respect to PEDLs 139 and 140 in Lincolnshire, participating interests are as follows:


Egdon Resources U.K. Limited                                                          14.5%

Total E&P UK Limited                                                                        40.0% (upon completion of Jan 2014 farmout)

GP Energy Limited (a subsid of Dart Energy Europe Limited)    17.5%

Island Gas Limited                                                                              14.5%

eCORP Oil & Gas UK Limited                                                            13.5%

Click here for more details

Egdon Resources hold interests in neighbouring licences PEDL 209 and PL 161/162. Click here for full details of licences held

For further information on Egdon Resources, click here