About us


FRACK UK is an independent organisation established to provide detailed information on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the United Kingdom through this web portal.

The founder, Jason Donovan, qualified as a solicitor in the City of London and has since worked as an international lawyer for twenty years, including in the oil and gas industry. He has worked in UK, Gibraltar, Hungary, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

He studied an LLB in European Legal Studies at Bristol and Rouen Universities and recently obtained First Class Honours in a Masters degree in Oil and Gas Law at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. His dissertation focussed on the legal and regulatory regime governing shale gas activities in the UK.


Existing websites on shale gas in the UK are either pro-industry or vehemently anti-fracking.  It is difficult to find an objective opinion, despite the clear need for reasoned consideration of legal, economic and geo-political interests alongside those of the environment. 

FRACK UK's purpose is to provide objective information on fracking shale in the UK and in so doing consider the important issues which interest both industry and the population at large.

FRACK UK will explain the fracking process and environmental concerns associated with it. It will allow users access to the websites of relevant Government bodies and agencies, industry associations, planning authorities and campaign groups, as well as to up to date news.  FRACK UK will also summarise laws governing shale gas exploitation, including in relation to the environment, health and safety and planning, as well as provide information on operators and their partners and allow access to planning applications and decisions via its Planning Portal link.

Finally, through its library FRACK UK will provide easy access to detailed and influential reports on fracking which have recently been prepared at a national, European and international level. The reader is left to reach his or her own conclusions.

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