Campaign Groups against Fracking

Environmental Campaign Groups are wholeheartedly against fracking for a number of reasons including (i) the risks of environmental damage and (ii) their abhorrence at burning more fossil fuels when it is widely considered that carbon dioxide emissions are a significant factor in causing worldwide climate change.  The same greenhouse gas concerns apply to fugitive methane emissions which have been considered under FRACK UK's link "Environmental Concerns".

Since Greenpeace successfully garnered public opinion against dumping oil rigs at sea in its campaign against the sinking of the Brent Spar rig in 1995 , it is clear that campaign groups have considerable influence over the actions of Government and industry in the UK.  

To consider the views of campaign groups against shale gas, click on the links below.

1. Greenpeace (

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"How natural gas drilling contaminates drinking water sources"


2. Friends of the Earth (

"Fracking and shale gas: controversial shale gas exploration has come to the UK" (25 April 2013)

"Fracking and shale gas" (undated),page2160.html

"MEPS recognise dangers of fracking" (9 October 2013)

"No Fracking Way"

3. Frack Off (

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